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What Is Post Construction Cleaning?

Whether you have recently constructed your house or are a contractor who has just finished a construction project, know that post-construction cleanup is a vital step. As the name implies, it involves cleaning the entire site after construction to convert it into a safe and livable space. 

But why is there a need to clean a place after its construction?

Here are some reasons:

  • If you are expecting your home or room to look spiky and span right after being constructed, you may need to be corrected. These projects usually produce a lot of debris, including sawdust, paint stains, and other waste materials. Such things are hazardous for your safety and can harm your children and pets if they aren’t tackled on time. 

This is why a post-construction cleanup is necessary to keep the constructed space free and secure from damage. 

  • You must have seen a contractor using chemicals such as paint and adhesives for your construction project. These substances are dangerous; therefore, you can’t afford to have them in your house. To eliminate them, a thorough cleaning is necessary. 

  • Why would anyone prefer living in a space that smells of paint, polish, and other chemicals? To eliminate all these unwanted post-construction odors, you should get the area deep cleaned to look as perfect as you want. 

A few things must be achieved in a post construction cleaning task. For instance, all the walls should be cleaned appropriately without paint marks and smudges. If there is a plastic sticker on the furniture, curtains, or doors, ensure to remove it after the project ends. 

Other jobs performed during a post construction cleaning session may include the following: 

  • Power washing of frames and windows

  • Detailed dusting of fans and lights

  • Polishing of floors

  • Vacuum cleaning

  • Threshold cleaning

  • Disposal of debris and trash

  • Thorough cleaning of appliances from inside out

  • Trim cleaning

  • Scraping

  • Cleaning tile joints

  • Wet floor cleaning

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